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Our Privacy Policy

The salon Jobs can provide an employment profile visible to registered Employers.

All Candidate profile data will include information optionally provided such CV, employment history, education, photo and contact details.

  1. CDS have the right to provide anonymous profiles by using first name only or an ‘alias’. For example: Claire.
  2. It is entirely up to CDS how much personal data they include within their profile.
  3. CDS profile can be deleted at any time once logged in or by contacting us via email.
  4. When CDS apply for a job vacancy or replies to a private message from an EMP, they may make contact for employment related purposes only using the data provided by the CDS
  5. EMP are required to provide accurate information relating to their name and company details. They are required to provide genuine information on any job advertisements posted. This can be edited or deleted via their account.
  6. Registered EMP with active package can contact CDS via the private messaging system. They can also make contact via telephone number or contact details provided within their CV. It is optional for CDS to provide their telephone number and CV.
  7. Registered CDS with profile can apply for EMP job vacancies. Applications are sent to EMP email address which is not visible on the job advert. If an Employer wishes to display contact details in their job description they may do so.
  8. User details may be used by the Salon Jobs to make contact regarding customer service issues relating to the website.
  9. Any data submitted by the user will be used for recruitment purposes only. Our service exists for the sole purpose of connecting CDS and EMP to fill job vacancies. Outside of CDS details optionally provided for EMP, user contact details will not be given to any third party by the Salon Jobs for marketing or promotional activities.
  10. All users are entitled to delete their profiles from the Salon Jobs at any time. That can be done by login in to their account and opting for delete in the profile area. Alternatively contact us and request delete account. Once deleted all data will be lost entirely.
  11. Users can access and edit their personal data via their account. Otherwise admin can help by requested via the Contact Us page.
  12. All website data is secured on servers located in the USA and within the UK. All data is retained on our website until deletion is requested by the user.
  13. To register with the Salon Jobs users must be over the age of 16.
  14. You can Contact Us with any questions relating to this service:

The Salon Jobs